Monday, July 25, 2016


        Cocktails at 5pm - Cash Bar   
   Dinner Served at 6pm
  Cost is $55 per ticket


        Click on the Alumni Financial Report and you can see that we need your help!
  The Alumni fiscal year runs from July 1st til June 30th, and at the start of this fiscal year, we only had $987 in our treasury..
       This past year every family in the parish who is sending their child to a Catholic School outside the parish because of the school closing received tuition assistance from the Alumni Your dues helped make that possible. If this program is to continue in its current format we need your help more than ever!
                                        Alumni dues are $10 
                  additional contributions are gratefully accepted

                 Click on the membership tab on the home page to find out how to pay your dues,
                                        Take a minute and drop an envelope in the mail to:
                                                        Saint Mary of the Mount Alumni
                                                       403 Grandview Ave
                                                       Pittsburgh, Pa. 15211


Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking for Email Addresses for  St Mary of the Mount Classes - especially Classes in the 80's to update our database . If you have a class list of  Email Addresses you would like to share, contact Ken Gianella at ; (412) 965 -9506

Also, check out our mailing failure list at the top of the page. if you know any of these folks have them update their Email address. They keep coming back undeliverable!